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TG Masonry & Design NEWS

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Stone facing and wall building new methods (the strict method) in masonry
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The strict method

Masonry design can be challenging, but TGDesigners utilizes a creative, foolproof techniques to build the projects to perfection. We design perfect systems to build masonry projects! The method we will represent to you in this section is called THE STRING method.

The STRING method is designed for projects where perfection is the most important part of the project. It will make it easer and allow you to figure out the instruction on how to build some of the fancy and complicated projects by saving you a lot of time.

The main thing about this system is to figure out how to set up the forms or the wooden frame which will take the stone work to perfection. Depending on the type of project you are constructing the methods or the ways to set up the wooden frames are different. The method allows construction of the masonry so that the project is uniform upon its completion.

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The STRING method can be more effective for projects which have a large quantity of stone facing. To understand this better let us take a look at the above fountain project. In this project the wooden form is completed or built on solid concrete blocks. It means you will need solid block work behind the stonework which will be the base for the wooden form. If the type of stone you are using in the project is a facing veneer, it works out better as the solid block wall will be the back holding wall for stone facing.

Attachment 1-1

Attachment 1-2

Attachment 1-3

As you can see from the project, before doing the concrete base we will need the help of a hydro electrician and a hydro engineer. After finding out all the answers about the water pipes, electrical wires and water pumps, we get ready to do the concrete base (see attachment 1-3). Use 1X 3-s (known in carpentry as strapping to uniform the concrete base).

After the base is done, the next steep is to start laying the block wall. The blocks have to be solid which means you can use solid blocks or hollow blocks by filling the holes with cement. Let us say we are using 8x8x16 blocks. The solid block wall in this current project has 2 meanings or purposes.

Base for the wooden frame.

Back holding wall for stone facing.

The block wall has to be exactly parallel to the shape of the concrete base. Keep the same distance from the edge(1X3"s) of the concrete base when you do the block wall and make sure the shape of the block wall is exactly parallel to the shape of the concrete base. Before we start laying the blocks we have to find out the space between the blocks and the foundation edge (1x3"s).

The distance (D) is the distance between the foundation edge (1x3"s) and the blocks which is equal the thickness of the stone (S) plus the thickness of the mortar or cement (M) you will use for facing the stone. (See attachment 1-4)

D (distance between foundation line and solid blocks) = Stone Thickness (S)+Mortar (M)


See attachment 1-4.

If the stones come in different thickness keep in mind to consider the maximum thickness of the stone.

D=S maximum + M

Make sure that the height of the block wall does not exceed the height of the project because after the completion of the project the blocks cannot be visible.

For example, the height of the stone wall is 10 feet. The stone cups going on the top of the stone wall are from > to 1 feet. This means the height of block wall can not exceed 9 < feet. In this case build the block wall less then 9 feet.

After the block wall is completed we get ready for the wooden frame.

The materials used to construct the wooden frame can be different.

For the above project the wooden frame will be constructed due to the strapping known in carpentry as 1 X 3"s and 2 X 4"s. The height of the wooden frame has to be more than the height of the stone wall because we are making sure that the project is uniform upon its completion. Let us make the wooden frame 1 foot higher than the stone wall and because the block wall is lower than stone wall by 1 foot it leaves the wooden frame 2 feet higher then the block wall.

We start cutting the 2 X 4"s in 3.5 foot pieces.

After that, by using the concrete nail gun we nail the 2 X 4 pieces against the concrete blocks horizontally sticking out 2 feet from the top of the blocks all around the block wall from both sides symmetrically (inside and outside) as you can see in the drawing.

For every 2-3 blocks you can use 2 X 4"s and make sure they are perfectly nailed and tied to the blocks, even if you have to use 4-5 concrete nails for each piece of 2 X 4. (See attachment 1-5)

After that, nail 2 X 4"s vertically on the existing 2 X 4 which were horizontally nailed to the concrete blocks as you can see in the drawing. The next steep will be to nail the 1 X 3"s against the vertical 2 X 4 all around the block work as it's shown in the drawing (see attachment 1-6). The shape of the wooden form bounded by 1 x 3"s have to be exactly symmetric and parallel to the shape of the concrete base limited by 1 X 3"s. This is one of the most important detail in this method. The 1 X 3"s edging of the foundation have to be exactly symmetric and parallel according to the 1 X 3"s edging of the wooden frame. You have to have all the figures and the calculations done before you start doing the forms to make sure the wooden form bounded by the 1 X 3"s will be symmetric and parallel to the shape of the concrete base. And all the corners of the wooden form have to be exactly symmetric to the corresponding corners on the concrete base as well.

Attachment 1-4

Attachment 1-5

Attachment 1-6

Which means the distance F has to be equal to the distance D.

After nailing 1 X 3"s against the 2 X 4"s the wooden form will have the look of attachment 1-6.

To check if everything came out symmetrically use the laser (plum-level-square).

Now we start attaching strings from the 1 X 3"s edging the wooden form in vertical rows. As close as you attach the strings as perfect the stone work will be. You can attach the strings every 5-6 inches and make sure to attach strings from the corners as well. Nail the other ends of the strings to the according spots on the 1 X 3"s edging the foundation which are exactly symmetric and parallel according to the 1 X 3"s edging the wooden frame where the strings are attached or begin (please see the attachment).

The strings are the guides to insure that the face of the stone wall comes out evenly.

They will insure the perfection and the levelness of the stone wall. The stone work will go much faster as you don't need to use the level for laying every stone just follow the strings till the completion of the stone work.

Once all the stone work is in place, we remove all traces of the frame.

To see more pictures of stonework walls and columns built by this method please see on the right side.


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